Our Practitioners


Marianne Schneider RMT, ARMT, CRT, BTAT
Reiki Master and Teacher, ARA
Marianne has been involved with the energetic world starting from a very young age. Continuously expanding her energetic education, she blends Usui, Angelic & Crystal Reiki; BodyTalk, Conscious Healing, Tarot and essential oils into her healing’s.
To book with Marianne, please call (530) 448-4220



Evon Eisenberg ~ CMT, RMT, ARMT, and CRT
Reiki Master & Teacher ~ Certified Massage Therapist
I took my very first class at the age of 16….so I have been learning and working in the healing industry for a long, long, long time! I believe that just as technology and science advance so does the information that is available on how we can better give support to our "whole health" -body, mind, emotion, and spirit. That is the MAGIC Touch. Whether you choose one of the energetic healing sessions, OR a massage, OR a combination treatment, you will receive a custom session in a warm personalized atmosphere.
I believe continuing education is the key so I am actively studying and staying open to new ideas, techniques, and learning. With the various modalities in the “tool belt” and focus, my goal is to provide the best quality in massage and energy healing arts to facilitate each client’s restorative experience.
To book with Evon, please call (530) 227-2374