Crystal Reiki Healing Session 

“I find that I am drawn to a crystal reiki session when there is something specific I need to address... The crystals and Marianne help me reach a state of consciousness during the session that allows me to see the issue clearly and help me achieve whatever my goal of that session is.  I highly recommend for those who are looking for a meditative yet powerful way to release layers.” – Tanya, Tahoe City


A blend of reiki, energy healing, conscious healing, BodyTalk Access and up to 46 healing crystals laid out in a grid formation depending on what the client needs. Crystal reiki healing balances chakras, aura and mental & emotional bodies. It transmutes anger, fear, sadness, guilt, shame and much more. The practitioner will pick from re-patterning layout, basic chakra layout, a layout to clear the aura and strengthen the etheric field or the transmutation chamber.

Each crystal has its own unique healing property to align the energies of the body. These particular crystals have each been worked with and infused with the reiki energies. This makes it feel like you have up to 46 little reiki masters working on you!

$95.00 for 1 hour



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