The word reiki translates to Universal (rei) Energy (ki). By placing their hands on or above a person’s body, a reiki practitioner can move old, stagnant energy or blockages out of the body while putting new flowing universal energy in. Reiki can help on all levels: Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Crystal Reiki

Kids Reiki

Sacred Childbirth Reiki

Raindrop Reiki 

Angelic Reiki


Meditate and exercise simultaneously with a one-on-one yoga session. You'll practice breath control, flexibility and body posture in an attempt to improve your focus and foster well-being.

Private Yoga Session



Energy Healing

Energy Healing sessions are a blend of Usui Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Conscious Healing, Crystal Reiki Healing, BodyTalk Access, Young Living Essential Oils, Intuitive Readings and more. 

Amplified Healing

Energy Healing

Conscious Healing

Distance Energy Healing

BodyTalk Access

Shamanic Illumination Session


By relieving muscle tension, dampening mental chatter and clearing emotional and energetic blockages, our massage sessions allow you to melt away as your light and energy are restored.

Restore & Relax Massage

Sooth & Renew Massage

Blissful Body Mind & Spirit Massage

Baby on the Way Massage


Intuitive Tarot Card Readings

Before your session, you and the reader will discuss which type reading is best suited for you. Using 3 different decks and guided intuition, she will give you information to help you on your path, hopefully allowing you to have clarity in your choices.

4 Direction Tarot

Full Cup & Cauldron/Masculine & Feminine Tarot

Question & Answer Tarot


Doula Services

The support system created by a tripod of mom, partner and doula, creates a balance and synergy which helps the birthing experience unfold with dignity, with a voice, and with love. Whether your birth takes place in a home, birthing center, or hospital, a doula’s support during and after labor provides a relaxed and flowing environment filled with positive energy. What a wonderful way to bring your baby into this world!

Birthing Doula

Postpartum Doula

Doula Advice Session